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My Sounds from Saint-Guinoux!

Hello from Saint-Guinoux where it rains for a few days !
We are happy to start this first session of TCR with you and looking forward to share our sounds with our Spanish penfriends.


Monday, we have started our session by looking at the blog TCR on internet and we discovered that you were much older than us ! We have between 8 and 9 years. Your school seems much larger than ours but there are many more students ! We don’t have wide corridors in our school !

Here our classroom :
_DSC9461 copie


We have playing a game called “Sound Kim” (“Kim sonore” in french) The game has picture cards of objects (eg door, book, underground …) and an mp3 player with the sounds that correspond to each object. The purpose of the game is find the sound of each illustration.
This game has helped us to focus on the listening and given us ideas to produce sounds using everyday objects.



After that, we recorded sounds from our own objects from home, our classroom or own schoolbag. Each pupil recorded the sound trying to avoid to get only drumming sounds.
On this pictures, you can see us during a recording session. We had : glue tube, moneybox, bell, green box, Egyptian pencils box, hot-water bag…… An object was made from a plastic bottle plastic containing coarse salt instead of using a musical instrument !



It was nice to listen afteward the recorded sounds as they ‘look’ really different. We have understood the differences between the sound produce in front of us and sound recorded.
Tuesday, we’ll begin to construct a soundscape with the “mysounds” of Spanish students. Looking forward to it !

Here are the sounds that we recorded Monday, try to find the sources of the sounds and you will find the other sounds on Freesound.



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