The City Rings


Breton remix

Today, we started the second session with exploring the website and listening the Mysounds from Barcelona.
We tried to guess what object was used to produce each sound, and we associated a gesture to each sound (to tear, crease, tap, shake…). We imagined the ways of producing and material.




After listening to the mySounds from our sonic companions in Barcelona, our imagination got really started. We decided to remix their sounds. We learned how to use this software, how to import, edit, level the sound and we discovered the stereo. We picked up our headphones and opened our laptops to start composing. By trying and improvising we found out how sounds can be shaped, copied, cut and combined.




Finally, We did a selection of four sounds and we started an audio editing with Barcelona sounds. We have worked with pairs (2) on laptops to create our first soundscape with the software Audacity.




We gave a title to our sound composition, here are our soundscapes. Enjoy listening!


Lou and Lylou – “Clac Flash City”

Lauranne and Fantine – “Le gratte-gratte city”

Karine and Elouan – “Scissors”

Laura and Louna – “Track rock”

Youna and Tessa – “Castanets of Barcelona”

Gabin and Enzo – “Guitar and sand Barcelona”

Louise and Alexis – “Drum war”

Maxence and Miguel – “MaxGuel”

Jeanne and Nolween – “Clac Boom”

Louise and Nolween – “The best rings”

Stella and Leandre – “Flash tamer”

Alban and Orlane – “Fireworks”


Here is our installation in the classroom! We had some small problems of logistics and battery for the computer. We work with several networked laptops.

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