The City Rings


Soundscaping your sounds

We started the second session of our participation in The City Rings by looking at Saint Guinoux’s school post in the blog.


In the pictures, our class seemed to see many toys among the objects the pupils brought, were they right? We listened to the mysounds and talked about them for quite a while. We talked about their possible origin and properties, and attempted to describe them. Many of the sounds seemed to us percussive, startling, quiet… we imagined movies in which the sounds could be used. Most of the scenes that came to our mind were the “tense” type… just before something happens! We also heard horses and snakes, and imagined a western movie.


After commenting on the sounds we used a projector and speakers to do a group composition with Audacity. We went over the different tools available to us on Audacity. Select, move, envelopes, cut and pasting, track level, panning, etc. And used several of Saint Guinoux’s sounds to do a small composition based on our reflections on the sounds we commented before.
Please take a listen and tell us what you think.


After finishing the composition we spent some time to understand how the recorders work. Setting the recorded in pre-record mode, adjusting input level and mic gain, how to place the recorder in relation to the sound we want to capture, recording, stopping, listening, etc.
Everybody took the recorders home and we will be able to upload the sounds on tuesday. We will also listen to your soundscapes and “snaps” that day. Looking forward to it!
Oh! We are sorry about the lack of pictures of today’s post! Hopefully we will be able to add them very soon.
Thank you for your work!

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