The City Rings


For this edition of The City Rings we did not have time to test the recorders in the school or in a nearby market, park, or otherwise, as was often the case.


So after a brief introduction to how the recorders work -which the students already knew from previous exercises- they took the machines home to record there their Sonic Snaps. And we have quite a few! Take a listen.



We have already started working in The Postcards, this time by groups of 2 people; and using two keywords per group that refer to the experience of their daily environments, and that are the point of departure for the compositions. For example “habitable / inolvidable” or “extrovertit / fant├ástic”.

TCR3 (2)
TCR3 (8)TCR3 (16)


You can listen to the rest of the snaps at Freesound:


We will be soon back with the postcards, looking forward to hearing yours!

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