The City Rings


Gems World Academy-Etoy, Switzerland

Hello to Gent and Athens. We are an new international school located between Lausanne and Geneva with some beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the high mountains of the alps.
We opened in September last year and are steadily growing our communities. It’s our second time collaborating on TCR project. We are mixing things up a little here as we have students heading to the mountains on camp over the next two weeks. Compositions will be created by second grade students working with our digital photography club and radio club. They have been challenged with taking photographs with sound. To support them we are crowd sourcing sounds and field recordings from all members of our community. Introducing the project last week, students were asked the following questions: Can you watch a film without sound? Can you watch a film without images? Can you have music without music?
As a provocation we watched the City Rings Trailer without sound. Using sound objects around the school, students were encouraged to play a live accompaniment to TCR film trailer.

The two soundscapes capture the students playing sound objects ranging from an electric pencil sharpener, water from a tap, coins and blinds. We found the film focused our attention in locating a arrange of sounds and qualities of sounds.
We are located between a railway line and highway and have already noticed how difficult it is to hear let alone capture sounds of nature, so we will take a sound walk this week.

We journey into the basement to locate the source of the school bell tomorrow and record the playground.

We will listen to your bell tomorrow!

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