The City Rings


MySounds from 49th primary school of Athens

Hello everybody!

This Monday we read your posts and tried to imagine how do your cities sound like. We imagined the whistling sound of the wind going through the windmill wings, the buzzing cars in the highways, the repeated train sounds, the strange noises that factories might make, the water in the lake and canal, your voices at school and many more! We were quite jealous that you both have water close to your neighborhood (canal and lake).

Take a look at our previous projects n the classroom walls. Many of us like art, as you can see.


Farsad, for instance, had made a beautiful windmill drawing before we knew about the windmills in Sint-Kruis-Winkel:


We also brought some things from home in order to explore how we can produce sound. We tried very hard not to burst into laughter while recording, as some of the sounds were really funny! Some of us chose not to bring anything from home but rather to make a sound with our own bodies! Let´s see if you can distinguish body sounds from the rest… Can you guess the sources of all our sounds?
After listening to the recordings we talked about our sounds. The sound was different from what we had thought! We described our sounds as: funny, creepy, strange, rhythmic, sad, happy, slow, fast, repeated, scary, desperate, electronic, natural… One of them reminded us of war and another of strong wind. Listen to them:


What do you think? We are very curious to listen to what you are going to do with them!!

Finally, apart from us humans, there is a bird attending our class! That makes us 14 pupils. His name is Linos. We wanted to include his sounds among ours! You may have already noticed his tweets in some of the previous recordings as well… he likes to tweet all the time!
Here he is:


And here you can listen to his whistling dialog with our project leader:

Finally, we talked a little bit about Audacity and we saw how some of  our sounds look like when opened in the program. The waveforms reminded us both of a cardiograph and of a seismograph.

We are very happy to take part in TCR because this period we study sound in our physics lesson!
Listen to you soon,
the kids from the 49th primary school of Athens



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