The City Rings

Day: May 7th, 2014

Our first composition!

Hello Ghent, Hello Etoy!

We started our second session by listening to your bells. How different is Etoy┬┤s bell from ours!! It reminded us of the sound announcements in the Metro. “Next station…. Keramikos!”

Then, we tried to guess the source of your sounds. Sometimes it was too hard to guess! We recognized very easily the sound of coins but it was impossible to guess the squeaking sound of the adhesive tape! Could it be a spaceship taking off? Luckily, Muhammad had some tape with him and, when he pulled the edge, we realized it was alike to what you sent us.

After that, we opened some files in Audacity. We were very curious to find out what happens if more than one sound are played simultaneously. We learned the basic functions: how to move, cut, copy, paste, change the volume, fade in and out and more!


Joana, Flori and Leonardo have chosen one sound each and formed a group in order to make a composition together. The rest of the class were watching their moves and commenting. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to create more compositions and we can’t wait for the next steps of the project to really get into editing! Listen to our first sound:

We are curious to listen to your compositions next time and check if we recognize any of our sounds in them!


Taking a walk through sound images

We imagined walking through the different layers of landscape. Like a sliced onion, with our school in the centre we explored the idea of a composition through the out layers of school yard, railway and highway, orchards and vineyards and mountains and lake. It’s tricky to truly capture just the sounds of nature with building work, aeroplanes and cars.

We had fun today listening to sounds from Gent and Athens. The school bell from Athens reminded us of an athletics stadium or swimming pool and the respective bells brought to mind ‘shock’ and ‘fire’.
We used various drawing techniques to capture the shape of the sounds and enjoyed comparing these with the ‘sound spine’ from Freesound (one student coined the phrase early in the year). Have a look at some of our line drawings. Like students from Gent, imagining and comparing and making stories from them. One dutch girl enjoyed seeing sound titles in her own language and helped the rest of the class to pronounce the objects.

We are looking forward to listening to more tomorrow and crafting some SoundScapes. We love how TCR project gives us new ideas and ways at thinking about sound and the world around us.


Young composers crossing sonic borders.


Hello there,

Today we checked out the mySounds from the kids in Athens and Etoy. We had a lot of fun guessing, wondering and trying to figure out how their mySounds were made. But then we decided that telling a story about the sounds we listen to was much more interesting then cracking our brains on possible sound sources.

klas soundscape 4

So the sticky sound of a piece of tape became a plane crashing down, the scraping sound of a pencil sharp became an old truck trying to get it’s engine started and the soft sliding sound of a curtain reminded us of sad feelings and the silence of a funeral. But then the loud and high pitch sound of a flap which slowed down to the end in a more rumbling and rolling sound, made us think of a crazy ride in a roller coaster!

klas soundscape 3

In some of the recordings we also discovered voices and little percussive instruments. We experienced that listening to those sounds is different in a way, because you recognize the sound source more easily and then the magic is kind of broken. Still some of these where pretty cool recordings, so maybe you can discover them in the soundscapes that we made with the mySounds from Athens and Etoy!

klas soundscape 1

klas soundscape 5

klas soundscape 2