The City Rings


Our first composition!

Hello Ghent, Hello Etoy!

We started our second session by listening to your bells. How different is Etoy┬┤s bell from ours!! It reminded us of the sound announcements in the Metro. “Next station…. Keramikos!”

Then, we tried to guess the source of your sounds. Sometimes it was too hard to guess! We recognized very easily the sound of coins but it was impossible to guess the squeaking sound of the adhesive tape! Could it be a spaceship taking off? Luckily, Muhammad had some tape with him and, when he pulled the edge, we realized it was alike to what you sent us.

After that, we opened some files in Audacity. We were very curious to find out what happens if more than one sound are played simultaneously. We learned the basic functions: how to move, cut, copy, paste, change the volume, fade in and out and more!


Joana, Flori and Leonardo have chosen one sound each and formed a group in order to make a composition together. The rest of the class were watching their moves and commenting. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to create more compositions and we can’t wait for the next steps of the project to really get into editing! Listen to our first sound:

We are curious to listen to your compositions next time and check if we recognize any of our sounds in them!

2 Responses to “Our first composition!”

  1. Mark Shillitoe Says:

    Hi no.49 Athens,
    Your Soundscape took us on a journey to many many places including the hairdressers!. Far too many ideas to write in a comment so we’ve written a new post full of imagination. Thanks!

  2. Inge Says:

    Hello kids from Athens,

    Your first soundscape evoked some different thoughts in our minds that we like to share with you:

    – Somebody gets hit by a car and falls from his bicycle and gets badly injured.
    – A plane has landed on the airport and a taxi arrives to pick up the passengers.
    – The weather is really bad so a boy is waiting in his room. As soon as the sun begins to shine he runs outside.
    – A working man is constructing a bicycle wheel in a factory where bicycles are made.

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