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Taking a walk through sound images

We imagined walking through the different layers of landscape. Like a sliced onion, with our school in the centre we explored the idea of a composition through the out layers of school yard, railway and highway, orchards and vineyards and mountains and lake. It’s tricky to truly capture just the sounds of nature with building work, aeroplanes and cars.

We had fun today listening to sounds from Gent and Athens. The school bell from Athens reminded us of an athletics stadium or swimming pool and the respective bells brought to mind ‘shock’ and ‘fire’.
We used various drawing techniques to capture the shape of the sounds and enjoyed comparing these with the ‘sound spine’ from Freesound (one student coined the phrase early in the year). Have a look at some of our line drawings. Like students from Gent, imagining and comparing and making stories from them. One dutch girl enjoyed seeing sound titles in her own language and helped the rest of the class to pronounce the objects.

We are looking forward to listening to more tomorrow and crafting some SoundScapes. We love how TCR project gives us new ideas and ways at thinking about sound and the world around us.

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