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Connecting through sound!

We had an enjoyable session today imagining some of the sounds from Athens and Gent and then creating our first compositions.
Using the storyboard technique from yesterday we began by listening to a few sounds and drawing a line drawing without taking our pencil off the paper. We found comparing these with the sound waves very insightful. The blikje from Gent was- upside down, a bee flying, a movie, an Airplane. With the next sound our imagination were opened further we had a castle in sand, bubble gum, a clock, the snap of a finger, a hand shake, two kids playing a hand game, rain, a monastery. WOW! All from one sound, can you guess which. Thanks to both schools for providing us with some great story settings! Following this we looked at sound and composition shape comparing sound waves and looking at the layers of a composition. We are lucky to have access to iPads in class so we used GarageBand to compose in.
The end of the day we had a mini hackathon, part of which used a Makey Makey which aloud use to play sounds from Playdough, fruit and even each other which haas pretty exciting.
We hope you recognise some of your sounds in our compositions.

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  1. Inge Says:

    Hello kids from Etoy,

    We enjoyed listening to your soundscapes! It was fun to hear how you used our mySounds. Here are some thought that came up while listening to your sonic stories:

    – Soundscape Random by Bjorn: We thought it was a boy who is impatiently waiting for his older sister to stop playing the flute. Cause he want’s to play too!

    – Soundscape Kate: A working man is entering the factory where he works. In the distance he can hear the boats that arrive in the harbor to unload their cargo. In his pocket he has a lot of coins which are clinking while he walks. Then a coin falls to the floor and when he bends down to pick it up he tears a hole in his trousers. All his colleagues think it’s very funny and start to laugh.

    – Soundscape Po: A woman is calling to her best friend to make a chat. Her friend picks up her mobile phone while she is walking in the park. In the park there is a basketball court where kids are playing. A man with a lawnmower is cutting the gras and there are some bird flying in the sky. When she comes home it is already dark and the moon is shining. In the distance she hears the call of an owl.

    – Sound Duet Composition: The kids are playing at the school yard. Then it is time for swimming class and the all go to the swimming pool. After swimming they want to take a shower, but it is broken. Only a few drops come out of the shower head.

    -Soundscape Radio Club Jules: The neighbor is cutting his hedge with an electric
    scissor but the lamppost of the street lights stand in his way so he keeps on bumping into it. A stranger comes by on a bicycle and somebody is trying to get his car started but the engine keeps on failing.

    – Soundscape Radio Club Paige: We are somewhere in the past in an old town. We hear the rattling from old trolleys, wagons and horses on the stones of the streets. Then the newsreader comes to town to bring new messages and he rings his bell to announce his arrival. He says that knight jack Pete has disappeared.

  2. Sofia Grigoriadou Says:

    Hello, Etoy!
    in our latest post
    you can read where your soundscapes have taken us to…
    Cheers from Athens!

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