The City Rings


Listening through the recorders

Hello everybody!
Our third session was lots of fun!
We started by watching the kitchen scene from Music for apartment and six drummers. We thought the woman with the mixer was very funny and we liked the sound of the egg slicer. Some of us wondered if things are destroyed the way the drummers manipulated them. But then, we saw them leaving the room (almost!) untouched. The scene gave us some ideas on how we can produce sound at home, with everyday stuff.

After that, we took some time listening to your soundscapes! We liked a lot some of them and some others were quite confusing. We were very enthusiastic about recognizing some of our sounds within bigger compositions: Marina’s duck, Ecramol’s chain, Leonardo’s clicking sound, Mateo’s funny lip noise, Joana’s Frog, Kostis’ paper flapping, Flori’s pencil, Selena’s keys… It was very interesting to see (or let’s put it more correctly, to listen to) how our material was transformed into something new!

Then we turned the recorders on and listened. The first contact with augmented sound was a big surprise! We could hear all the tiny noises and the cars passing by our school! We started playing with the possibilities that this new medium gave us. We moved the microphones towards and away from a sound source, we shouted, we blew on the microphones and we whispered. We also revealed some secrets to the ones who had the headphones on… While experimenting, we learned how the recorders work. Check some of our experimentations out. Warning! Voices included ;)
1. Blowing close to the microphone:

2. Moving recorder towards and away from voice:

3. Plastic bag and voice:

Finally, we decided to continue working outside, at the yard, and do some recordings there. We realized that the traffic noise is omnipresent! Listen to our recordings:
1. Our faucets and a car passing by:

2. Clapping hands all together:

4 Running around:

Did you notice the space’s affection on the running recording? Take a look at it: It is a semi-closed room (3 walls and ceiling but open to the yard):
Finally, we got back to class and we were given some recorders to take home. However, these recorders are different from the ones we have been experimenting with so far.. They are simple mp3 players that have the possibility to record as well, in this case in low quality. But, is low quality necessarily unwanted? Or does it offer the possibility for different, interesting results? We ll answer to that question next time. In the meanwhile, take some time to think about it as well!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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