The City Rings


Sonic cinema stimulates story telling!

Friday afternoon at the movies! We brought two classes together to listen to some of the Soundscapes created during the first week of the project. The lights were dimmed, imaginary popcorn shared and the films rolled. The only difference, the images and visuals were in our imagination.(We have and some interesting discussions around topics of accessibility and whether it’s possible to experience ‘the movies’ if one is blind.)
We were careful not give any direction to the visualisations created, no titles or preconceived ideas with the first three; Random, Athens, At the movies. Only giving general guidance of what to listen for in characters, settings, landscape, time of day etc with will be beneficial next week when building new compositions.
First up, ‘Random’

We visualised:
“My dad blowing into a beer bottle”
“My dad driving a train”
“With my family in a car making funny sounds”
“Underwater in a submarine-I saw a shark”
“Snorkeler blowing through a snorkel”
“Underwater- with a whale blowing bubbles”
“Train taking me to my dreamland”
“Steamboat ride”

Second, the Soundscape from Athens:

We imagined:
“Raining- I’m in the film, in the afternoon”
“Having a haircut- wet hair then dry hair”
“A toy I used to play with- a wind up toy”
“Two kids slamming a door and then locking it”
“My car in the rain”
“Like a tape measure- a dancing one”
“Objects with eyes in a room looking at me”

Next up: At the the Movies- Gent

We were really getting into the creative mindset now:
“An old lady going to the cinema on a very rainy day. Eating popcorn.”
“A grandpa putting things into a bin, he was in a bad mood.”
“A random man, riding a bike, dodging fireballs”
“Somebody with speedy legs”
“At the theatre- helicopters, planes and trains”
“Someone playing chess on an aeroplane”
“A man working, he makes a remote control aeroplane”
“In a market place- moving things”

Final Soundscape, “A Strange Woman” Gent
With this composition we knew the title, so we imagined this strange woman, using questions as provocations. Who was she? What was she wearing? What would she be listening to on her iPod? What sort of book would she be carrying? …

Here she is:
She could be called, “Molly, Polly, Bobby, Putini, Lizzy or Nono”
Her mood, “Mad, busy, angry, crazy”
Hair, “Red head, curly, cropped, green and short, blondy/brown”
Age, “250!20, 29, 32, 20, 26, 89″
Song on iPod, “a story about running, Michael Jackson, Heavy Metal”
Book, “Mr Putter and Tabby, Police officers notebook, Diary”

She is quite a character!

I am amazed by the diversity of ideas and how the project has stimulated creativity and imagination. The City Rings project has taken us all on a journey of wonder, through the architecture of sound. We are building new landscapes and reconnecting to our physical environment through digital recordings and compositions- another example of the power of digital arts in redefining how we ‘see’ and experience the world around us.

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