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more SonicSnaps from Athens!

Hello to all of you!

Today we had our fourth session! Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to gather all of the sound recordings yet. We will have everything by tomorrow, though. So, we decided to dedicate this session to other sonorous things… We took a look at your comments on our first sounscape and were very intrigued by the idea of sonic cinema! It was so fun to read how differently each one of you have perceived the same sound. Thank you both for the great idea! So, hereĀ“s where your sounds have taken us to:

a sound from Ghent (we tried not to spy on the title…):


is the soundtrack for…

-a bank robbery

-person blowing in his hands because he is cold and tries to roll a big rock outside a cave in order to get in.

-a man is running because he is being chased by a lion. The lion tries to throw a stone to him.

-a man cutting down a tree.

-a man on a bicycle, horning.

-a fireman goes to extinguish a fire.

-school bell ringing. the students run like dogs.

-dogs with bells hanging from their necks run.

a sound by Etoy:


was the soundtrack for…

-a train that horns and stops at the station./tram coming from the previous station./train that horns to a dog

-the school’s bell/fire alarm.

-a crazy alarm clock wakes the chicken up and they are taken aback.

-a child wakes up and takes his/her skate. Almost runs into a dog!

-a ship full of containers horns. People unload the containers and the air comes.

-workers building a house.

another sound by Etoy:


was the soundtrack for…

-a guy driving a truck in the snow. He is trapped by the snow and gets down to dig and continue his drive.

-people disembark from a ship after having crossed the car parking, take their luggage and get off.

-a radio trying to get signal.

-a ship off for a trip. its radar being fixed.

-it rains. A guy gets in his house and gets out again because he dropped his keys down.

-Kiriku runs away from the witch.

-a submarine in the bottom of the sea. it comes next to a cargo ship and the ship takes it inside. then the ship’s engine starts.

-lots of traffic in the street, trucks horning, dogs barking, people running.

-the Titanic sinking.


Afrer listening to some soundscapes from you, we listened to the sounds that we recorded these days and talked about our experience. Unfortunately, we have had some problems: some of us could not complete their recordings and some others have had interventions from people speaking, unwanted noises etc. Last, but not least, heroic Joanna got burnt trying to record the boiler…
Reading Ghent’s post, we realized that you have had as well some of our problems: there were interventions in your recordings, too. Gent helped us understand that sometimes interventions might be interesting and that listening to the soundscape can be itself a composition full of unpredictable surprises.
Listening to our sounds, we noticed the low quality of the mp3 players and wondered whether this is a disadvantage or it can be welcome sometimes, too. In order to think on lo-fi sound, we listened to an example that comes from music: the Cocorosie sisters, (who use children’s toys with lo-fi sound, as well) recorded their first album not in a proper studio but in their bathroom! Listening to Terrible Angels we imagined them playing in the bathroom, we talked about the small room’s acoustics and paid attention to the toy’s sounds and to the little “noises” that were captured during the recording.

Here they go:

Has their sound been affected? Yes, but in a positive way! So, for the next days we need to think on how we can mix our recordings made with the high quality recorders with the ones made with the mp3 players in a way that we have an interesting outcome!

Here are some of our recordings. In order to know who is the author and what is being recorded, we say our name and give a small description of the sound in the beginning of each file:



cars and traffic!

an electronic toy!


the notorious boiler!

drinking glass!


letting something down!

drawing (and brother’s intervention…)!

That’s all for now! We are very anxious to start with our sonic postcards tomorrow!

Listen to you soon!

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