The City Rings


Postcards from Etoy, Switzerland

Postcards sent!
Can you connect the Postcard to the visual creation?

Kids from Athens and Gent- thank you so much for working with us with the City Rings project. This amazing collaboration has bound us all together through the medium of sound. We have tried our best to connect other member of our school community too and many students from other grades have wanted to use the recorders and created Soundscapes. Our teachers are thinking of new ways to embed these ideas into our curriculum. We shall definitely share all the Postcards with the whole school community via our Facebook page and hopefully create an interactive gallery using maybe QR codes.
We have had many discussions in school about how much access to mobile learning devices and screen time students should have. The City Rings project has highlighted how digital arts and technologies can help us cross borders and reconnect with our own environment. The mindset of our students throughout the project had been that of exploration, inquiry and wonder which they will take with them into other areas of learning and life.
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