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Sonic postcards from Athens!

Hello to you all!

We have been working on our sonic postcards for the last two days! It has been a bit difficult to organize it because we only had two laptops to work with. So, we decided to form groups and share activities. Here’s our plan: each day two groups worked with Audacity and the rest dedicated our time in visual scores!

About the sonic postcards:

We have made three of them! We did not want to work on a certain scenario. On the contrary, we wanted to listen many times to the sounds we had made and decide on our compositions more spontaneously, trying various combinations of sounds. Each group collaborated democratically on contents choosing sounds that the whole group liked. Little by little we decided on what would our final outcome sound like. During this process we concentrated on the title of each composition trying to find a title that would fit it best! Finally, on Tuesday we listened to our outcome realizing that each group had worked in a very special way: some were more rhythmical than others, others more literal, others more associative…

Let’s listen to them:

1. FrenoCar (by Flori, Kostis, Mateo): Φρένο (Freno) in Greek means brake. So this composition is about cars. Athens is full of cars and their sounds are very typical of our city! Us composers like beatboxing and pop music, too, so we thought of working with human voice and repetition as well.

2. The barba(by Ekramul, Muhammad, Leonardo): we thought that the sound of the word barba has something in common with the composition that follows, so we decided to name our postcard after it. We have used a variety of sounds to create it!

3. Three rains (by Joana, Marina, Erisha): Due to a technical problem we will only be able to upload this sound by next Tuesday. Until then, try to imagine various types of rain: heavy, light, dense… They all sound differently, don’t they? We have attempted to create a rainy atmosphere here without using any rain sound at all!

About the visual scores:

While the two laptops were fully working on Audacity projects in two continuous days, the rest of the class talked about pentagram scores and visual scores. We talked about Wassily Kandinsky’s connections between sound and painting, as well. In the city rings blog, we found and watched Artikulation: As the sounds of Gyorgy Ligeti’s piece are played, one can simultaneously see the visual score made by Rainer Wehinger.

After that, we were asked to stop and listen very carefully and try to create visual scores of the soundscape in the very moment it was being composed. Listening attentively, it was only but a matter of time that shapes and patterns emerged to describe the others’ voices, the sounds that came from their headphones, the sound of traffic, Linos’ (the bird!) chirps, Sofia’ s steps, our pencils on paper, our breaths, the murmur of the classroom, laughter and many many more! Here you can take a look of some of our scores (By Muhammad, Selena, Flori, Leonardo, Ekramul, Spyridoula, Mateo, Kostis -not in order of appearance!):

img002 img001


img004  img006 img007img012 img010img015img003 img013 img011  img008


Finally, this is an Origami T-Shirt by Selena with many of the symbols she has used in her scores on it:


Last, but not least, we would like to thank you very much for sharing sounds and ideas with us! Working with you has been a great pleasure and every time we had a session we were longing to listen to you on the blog!

Little by little, Summer is approaching, so we wish you have a great and sonorous Summer this year!

The kids from 49 primary School of Athens!


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