The City Rings

Month: May, 2014

Taking a walk through sound images

We imagined walking through the different layers of landscape. Like a sliced onion, with our school in the centre we explored the idea of a composition through the out layers of school yard, railway and highway, orchards and vineyards and mountains and lake. It’s tricky to truly capture just the sounds of nature with building work, aeroplanes and cars.

We had fun today listening to sounds from Gent and Athens. The school bell from Athens reminded us of an athletics stadium or swimming pool and the respective bells brought to mind ‘shock’ and ‘fire’.
We used various drawing techniques to capture the shape of the sounds and enjoyed comparing these with the ‘sound spine’ from Freesound (one student coined the phrase early in the year). Have a look at some of our line drawings. Like students from Gent, imagining and comparing and making stories from them. One dutch girl enjoyed seeing sound titles in her own language and helped the rest of the class to pronounce the objects.

We are looking forward to listening to more tomorrow and crafting some SoundScapes. We love how TCR project gives us new ideas and ways at thinking about sound and the world around us.


Young composers crossing sonic borders.


Hello there,

Today we checked out the mySounds from the kids in Athens and Etoy. We had a lot of fun guessing, wondering and trying to figure out how their mySounds were made. But then we decided that telling a story about the sounds we listen to was much more interesting then cracking our brains on possible sound sources.

klas soundscape 4

So the sticky sound of a piece of tape became a plane crashing down, the scraping sound of a pencil sharp became an old truck trying to get it’s engine started and the soft sliding sound of a curtain reminded us of sad feelings and the silence of a funeral. But then the loud and high pitch sound of a flap which slowed down to the end in a more rumbling and rolling sound, made us think of a crazy ride in a roller coaster!

klas soundscape 3

In some of the recordings we also discovered voices and little percussive instruments. We experienced that listening to those sounds is different in a way, because you recognize the sound source more easily and then the magic is kind of broken. Still some of these where pretty cool recordings, so maybe you can discover them in the soundscapes that we made with the mySounds from Athens and Etoy!

klas soundscape 1

klas soundscape 5

klas soundscape 2


Can you take a photograph without images?

Grade 1 went on a sound walk today through the different layers of landscape that make Etoy. Searching for sounds of nature, the class made field recordings to capture natural moments of bird song, the wind in the trees, the lapping of the water on the shore by the lake and much more.

Connecting with the art of listening through technology students connected with their environment in a new way.
Tomorrow we will listen back to the recordings to see if they evoke memories like photographs.


Sint-Laurens is Ringing!


Hello everyone,

Today we had our first City Rings session. We checked out the other schools on the City Rings website and listened to their recordings. The schoolbell from Athens sounded almost the same as the one we have in Sint-Kruis-Winkel and the recording of their schoolyard sounded like a big swimming pool.


TCR SKW namen

We also enjoyed listening to the recordings from Etoy. Listening to the footsteps made us wonder what is going to happen as you can hear them walk through the building. So that was exiting to listen to. Off course we made some recordings too! Check them out!

buiten luisteren 1

bel kleur


We also made a first group composition with all our mySound recordings:


mySounds Gems World Academy-Etoy Switzerland

Hi All,
We had an active first day and our crowd sourcing of sounds from the remaining students who are in school had been very successful. We take a further sound walk tomorrow to gather more natural sounds that reflect the location of our school. Like the layers of a composition we are between train tracks and highway, and they are between vineyards, some industry and lake Geneva.
We have a lots of mySounds: here is a selection:


The rest are available in our pack:
mySounds GWAEtoy May 2014

We found the source of the school bell too!


MySounds from 49th primary school of Athens

Hello everybody!

This Monday we read your posts and tried to imagine how do your cities sound like. We imagined the whistling sound of the wind going through the windmill wings, the buzzing cars in the highways, the repeated train sounds, the strange noises that factories might make, the water in the lake and canal, your voices at school and many more! We were quite jealous that you both have water close to your neighborhood (canal and lake).

Take a look at our previous projects n the classroom walls. Many of us like art, as you can see.


Farsad, for instance, had made a beautiful windmill drawing before we knew about the windmills in Sint-Kruis-Winkel:


We also brought some things from home in order to explore how we can produce sound. We tried very hard not to burst into laughter while recording, as some of the sounds were really funny! Some of us chose not to bring anything from home but rather to make a sound with our own bodies! Let´s see if you can distinguish body sounds from the rest… Can you guess the sources of all our sounds?
After listening to the recordings we talked about our sounds. The sound was different from what we had thought! We described our sounds as: funny, creepy, strange, rhythmic, sad, happy, slow, fast, repeated, scary, desperate, electronic, natural… One of them reminded us of war and another of strong wind. Listen to them:


What do you think? We are very curious to listen to what you are going to do with them!!

Finally, apart from us humans, there is a bird attending our class! That makes us 14 pupils. His name is Linos. We wanted to include his sounds among ours! You may have already noticed his tweets in some of the previous recordings as well… he likes to tweet all the time!
Here he is:


And here you can listen to his whistling dialog with our project leader:

Finally, we talked a little bit about Audacity and we saw how some of  our sounds look like when opened in the program. The waveforms reminded us both of a cardiograph and of a seismograph.

We are very happy to take part in TCR because this period we study sound in our physics lesson!
Listen to you soon,
the kids from the 49th primary school of Athens




Gems World Academy-Etoy, Switzerland

Hello to Gent and Athens. We are an new international school located between Lausanne and Geneva with some beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the high mountains of the alps.
We opened in September last year and are steadily growing our communities. It’s our second time collaborating on TCR project. We are mixing things up a little here as we have students heading to the mountains on camp over the next two weeks. Compositions will be created by second grade students working with our digital photography club and radio club. They have been challenged with taking photographs with sound. To support them we are crowd sourcing sounds and field recordings from all members of our community. Introducing the project last week, students were asked the following questions: Can you watch a film without sound? Can you watch a film without images? Can you have music without music?
As a provocation we watched the City Rings Trailer without sound. Using sound objects around the school, students were encouraged to play a live accompaniment to TCR film trailer.

The two soundscapes capture the students playing sound objects ranging from an electric pencil sharpener, water from a tap, coins and blinds. We found the film focused our attention in locating a arrange of sounds and qualities of sounds.
We are located between a railway line and highway and have already noticed how difficult it is to hear let alone capture sounds of nature, so we will take a sound walk this week.

We journey into the basement to locate the source of the school bell tomorrow and record the playground.

We will listen to your bell tomorrow!


49th primary school of Athens, Greece

Hello Etoy, hello Ghent!!!
We are the children of the 49th primary school of Athens.

Athens is a big city with many inhabitants. It is the capital of Greece. Greece is a small country with a large history and lots of sun. It is situated in the south of Europe. Our school is close to the city centre, in the neighborhood of Keramikos. Our neighborhood is called this way because of the ancient potteries that produced ceramics a long long time ago in the area.

This is our school:


Below you can see our yard. It is small but colourful!
Now listen to how we sound like when we take our break at the yard:

This is our classroom’s door decorated with paper flowers:
We are in the fifth grade. Take a closer look at our door… “Fifth grade” is written on it, in Greek. As you can see, the Greek alphabet is different from yours. Which letters do we have in common?
We are a multicultural class!!! Eight of us are from Albania, three from Afghanistan, one from China and one from Greece. Let’s see if you can spot the countries we come from on the world map!
Finally, take a look at our bell:
Listen to it. Does it sound like yours?

We are very curious to learn things about you and to listen to your sounds!