The City Rings

Month: November, 2014

The Swiss Mix

We have two postcards from this edition of The City Rings.
Built from sounds captured on the building site our our new swimming pool/ sports complex.
Can you imagine playing basketball, hitting a tennis ball or walking out into a crowded pool then diving in the water?

We’ve collaborated together to compose our soundscapes as part of two after school clubs.
There’s been creative coding, Minecraft, tinkering, podcast interviews and of course soundscape creation all in the same room.
A really cool, creative environment!

We look forward to imagining new story ideas from all the postcards.


The Sound Collector

Students in Grade 3 have just been working with the poem ‘The Sound Collector‘ by Roger McGough.

This was an excellent opportunity to share ‘The City Rings’ with the class and use soundscapes from Pacè as provocations for shape poems.

We began by listening to one soundscape example and then used an improv. technique to build ideas and create a story. The idea works as follows:
Yes, and…
Stand with a talking partner.
Play the soundscape then begin the game and it goes something like this:

“I’m wondering how the rain drips down”
“Yes, and…I can hear it being collected in large pool”
“Yes, and…I think there are some electric cables leading into the pool”
“Yes, and…there are crack of sound and sparks flying like lightning…”

You get the idea!
From hear we sketched out ideas and compared these with the sound waves of each soundscape.

Thanks to students from Pacé you are excellent sound collectors and have given us many ideas for our shape poems.

Here’s one poem written by Prokop
The sound collector
By Prokop H.

A stranger called this morning,
Dressed all in black and grey,
Put every sound in a bag,
And carried it away,

The tapping of the cups,
The printing of the receipt,
The blowing of the aggregator,
The unwrapping of the sweet,

The clattering of the knives,
The beeping of the cars,
The thudding of the chairs,
The lighting of cigars,

The ticking of the clock,
The ringing of the bell,
The thundering of thunder,
The humming of the laptop DELL

A stranger called this morning,
He didn’t leave his name,
Only left us silence,
Life will never be the same.


Just an idea! Preserving a memory

Our school is building a new swimming and sports complex

Here’s a selection of captures.

We had the opportunity to visit the site and capture the sounds of construction. Our final soundscapes will try to capture the feeling of the building site, where currently it is being transformed from an idea of an architect to reality. Hopefully our compositions will preserve this transition.

We are pretty excited about creating these memory compositions. Imagining the sports and activity that will take place in the future. Like a time machine!


Final sounds editing

Monday and tuesday, during two days, we listened the sounds that we created at home during the weekeend. We also listened the Swiss sounds before going to the BCD in order to conceive news sounds editing. This morning, we finished this work in groups of two or three and we are happy to present them to you.
















Sonic Snaps in the rain…

Today, November 20th Julie went on to show us the blog post of the Swiss school. We watched their texts and pictures and we translated into French. Then we listened to our audio montages created last Tuesday and Julie asked us to make a review.

After that, she showed us how to use recorders. Then, we split into groups to record sounds of objects and places in our school. Finally, we listened to some sounds recordings.

IMG_1559 IMG_1563

We went on the hunt for sounds :

IMG_1567 IMG_1574

IMG_1572 IMG_1573




To listen to all the sound recordings made by the students, go to the website and you can upload files :



Here is our sounds created this weekend



Layers of sound- Soundscapes mixed from Pacé

Students from both Genius Hour- our independent project inquiry hour and Radio Club, enjoyed listening to the MySounds from Pacé and quickly got into the mindset of mixing a ‘sound story’. We really enjoyed finding the rhythm in our mixes that fit into a story structure of having a beginning, middle (challenge), resolution (end)

We hope you can make stories out of them too!

All mixes were created in GarageBand.


The layers of landscape

We are excited about this edition of The City Rings. Located between Lausanne and Geneva we overlook Lake Geneva. At this time of year there are many layers in the landscape that remind us of soundscapes within the changing seasons. We’ve just had snow in the mountains.
See what you think.

For this edition we have a mixed aged group of artists collaborating between two after school clubs namely Digital Photography and Radio club. We are between 9 and 13 years old.

Our bell is digital and very similar to our local supermarket announcement.


Taking photographs of sound…

For this edition of The City Rings we are inspired by the recent Mozilla festival and the words of sound artist Klasien van de Zandschulp, “All around us people take photographs and we don’t even notice, but when we make field recordings of sounds, some people think it odd?”
Our digital photography club exchanged their cameras and smartphones for sound recorders, capturing moments through audio. Following the recording they took a photograph that represented that moment. Can you match some of the sounds to the images?

Find the whole collection here

Many thanks go to Juan Felipe and Paul, our photography mentors who were openminded to capture visual images as sounds.


First sounds editing from Pacé



Today, we are Tuesday, 18th November. This morning, we looked the blog, the pictures, and texts from yesterday.
Then, we listened all the sounds from Swizerland school, we looked for the objet used, the material and what they represented.
Afterwards, we listened a sonor movie and we tried to imagine some possible stories.
Julie explained us the software Audacity (how to import, move, cut and paste).
Finally, in the BCD, each group created a sound editing.











Here is the video that we eared this morning : Wochenende – Walter Ruttmann (1930)


My Sounds from Pacé

Firstly, we discovered the Cityrings Website. Then, we translated our last article in French. Each pupil had brought a personnal object and we tried to do a sound with it.


pace-session-1 (36)

pace-session-1 (40)



pace-session-1 (26)

pace-session-1 (23)



pace-session-1 (19)



Next, we recorded, with an audio recorder, all the sounds we did. We listened and drawed a graphic score. At least, we watched videos where people created sounds with different objects and we finished the course by discovering the software Audacity.


pace-session-1 (48)

pace-session-1 (65)



pace-session-1 (62)



pace-session-1 (54)


Here is an excerpt of the film that we watched this morning, ” Sound of Noise – Music for one apartment and six drummers”


We listened to an audio excerpt from a composition by Pierre Henry in 1963, “Variations pour une porte et un soupir”.