The City Rings


what objects do we use in Messac ?

When Julie arrived,  she presented the project and website The city rings with the various stages of the project.  We read the text that we wrote and Julie translated it into English. We tried to read it and recognize it in French. We made two groups of students, one is left with Erwan and the other stayed with Julie.


We brought a sound object from home and we recorded the sound generated by the object.

We listened to different kinds of ringtones European schools that participated in the project. There was a soft ring, some a little stronger and more unbearable.

She explained the operation of digital recorders. We recorded the sounds produced by us with these objects. The two groups are then grouped together and we listened to our own sounds.

We noted that sounds recording were different than what we perceive without the digital recorder.

There were other sounds that the recorder had been captured. Finally, we tried to guess what objects we used and how we manipulated the object to get the sound.





The group with Erwan :

The group with Julie :



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