The City Rings

Day: March 10th, 2015

Sonic snaps in Messac, in the forest, at the seaside…

We again visited the website. After reviewing the operation of recorders, we split into groups of 2 or 3 people and we left record sounds around the school. We also used objects such as a soccer ball or basket, photocopier, chalk, chairs creaking , cafeteria cutlery… So we recorded sounds to the nursery, in the garden, in the computer room in the copy room, in the street in front of the school…The ideas of sounds were noted on a sheet.




photo3 photo photo 2


All sounds are not posted, we made five recordings by group.
Here are some of our audio recordings :



In the projection room, we saw a film clip Sound of Noised, the short film is the story of six percussionists who enter an apartment break. But they do not steal anything, They go into every room and create musical rhythms from objects. Before leaving, Julie has lent a digital recorder to students to record sound at home on the weekends.


IMG_3577 IMG_3578 P1110814 P1110819 P1110822 P1110825 P1110826


Now, here are the sounds recorded at home :


Sonic postcards in Messac

Monday morning, in the computer room, we discovered some sounds recorded on the weekend by the class. We explained again the opetation of Audacity software. We found another video by (“Wochenende”) German film maker Walter Ruttmann from 1930.




Then, we realized a first audio editing. We have learned to move, copy / paste, clean the parasites sounds, to vary the volume of the sound, separate stereo tracks and make a first mix with the sounds recorded on Wednesday at school.





We spent the session in the computer room, for a final audio editing. We added sounds recorded last weekend.

We have improved our knowledge of Audacity and found other software features. Some of us have imagined a story with our sounds.

We finally found a title for our sonic postcards.



P1110855  P1110849




On Friday to listen to our audio editing !


Here soundscapes that we have achieved for two days at school :