The City Rings


Paris, 19 of April 2010

Sound and Music, Sons de Barcelona and Aifoon came together to get to know each other better. After a “coq au vin” and a glass of  “vin rouge” we found out that we have two things in common:

This was the starting point for the project The City Rings.

Four organisations:

Four schools:

Aifoon is an educational art organisation focusing on sound in audiovisual communication. We organise workshops and trainings for children, youngsters, (aspiring) teachers, (ICT-)coordinators, art docents, etc. We offer a number of formats but also organise tailored courses were we actively investigate the artistic and pedagogical opportunities of sound as a poetic medium.

Sound and Music is the UK’s landmark organisation for new music and sound. Our programme combines live events activity, learning and participation opportunities, digital platforms and information resources, and aims to raise the profile of new music and sound in the public consciousness, building support and audiences for challenging and high quality work. The aim of the Learning and Participation team is to develop the engagement of people of all ages, from children to adults, with new music and sound, as audiences, creators and participants.

Sons de Barcelona is a project started by the Music Technology Group of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, in the context of project freesound.  The goal of Sons de Barcelona is to awake interest in sound, and this is pursued mostly organizing workshops in schools, civic centers, universities, libraries, etc. where we introduce the participants to new ways of thinking and working with sound, and the tools that makes it possible, while using creative procedures.

Portlethen Primary School is in a coastal location in Aberdeenshire, North-Eastern Scotland. Portlethen used to be a small fishing village but it has grown over time and is now has a population of 7,000.

Mobi is a technical school for mobility and movement.  Wispelberg is a high school.  Both schools are next to each other along a waterway Coupure.  Ghent is located in the Flemish region of Belgium and has 237.000 inhabitants and 65.000 students.

The City Rings authors.