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Time for sonic postcards!

The fourth session in Braga was very short, so we decided to do a collective postcard. It tries to give the idea of what a day at our school sounds like. We hope you can feel the different environments as you were here. Enjoy!


Sonic Snaps from Braga

The third session was really fun. We listened again to the mySounds from Uk and Finland and used words to describe them. We also thought of their possible use in a film, for example, where most sounds are not real. Then Bruno told us how to use the recorders and we split up in groups. We walked around the school gathering sounds in the corridors, kitchen, playground…

Next session: postcard!


Portuguese SoundScapes

The second session at Colégio João Paulo II allowed the pupils to show their creativity, producing some soundscapes with the sounds received from UK and Finland. The 5th grade played with UK sounds, while the 6th grade composed with the Finnish ones.

What do you think about the results?


Hello from Braga

Hello world!

Braga has just started its participation in the City Rings project. We are working with 5th grade and 6th grade pupils from Colégio João Paulo II. As this school doesn’t have a bell, we recorded the church bells right next to it.

Before starting to record “mySounds”, we saw a video about foley recording and discussed how some sounds create the illusion of coming from a totally different object than its real source. After this discussion, every pupil recorded a sound they loved. Here are some examples:

You can hear and download the whole “mySounds” pack here.

Then, we listened to all the sounds and tried to associate each one with different objects and meanings.
To end the session, we did a small SoundScape with the sounds they have recorded. The students decided the order of the sounds and whether to include them or not.