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Sonic Postcard from Greater London

We had such a great time contributing to the City Rings project and we literally recorded 100’s of sounds between a class of 30.
Because there were so many of us Patrick created a postcard using a selection of the sounds from our 10 sound recorders:

We also created 1 postcard each so in total we have 30 mini postcards for you to listen to! Here are a couple of examples, enjoy!

You can listen to and download the rest of the Sonic Postcards HERE
We had a little bit of time left at the end of our last session, so Serin, Taja and Deniz recorded each other talking about The City Rings project:


The Young Ears of Edmonton

This week our sound recorders made their inaugural exploration into the depths of North London….!!!!


What came back was astonishing; splashes, splurges, rattles, rustles, bangs, bumps, beeps, sizzles, machines, babies, alarms, meows, cock-a-doodle-doos, trains, cars and serendipities


But what was most interesting of all was hearing the overall sound of exploration…..!




Sonic Snaps from Galliard Primary School, London

Interviewing some unusual looking pupils at Galliard Primary School


We had enormous fun collecting sounds from all around the school. Because we are such a large group I think we managed to record over 100 sounds, so we decided to put our favourite on the blog for you all to hear.



We are taking the Tascam recorders home with us this week to collect and explore even more London sounds, there will be a lot of editing to do when we get them back to the classroom but it will be exciting to share them with you next week.



London Experimental Sounds

This week we created some very experimental soundscapes using sounds from classrooms all over Europe and then creating compositions in Audacity.



We also had a listen to the sounds from Braga and Hailuoto.


We thought one of the Braga recordings sounded like a gun going off!!!!! The class really enjoyed the composition too, comparing it to the sound of a factory.


We also had fun guessing the sounds from Hailuoto of scissors, pegs, cutting paper…? Were we right?




Hello from London

Today was the first day of the project for the children of class 5w at Galliard Primary School. The class is big and has 30 pupils so it took quiet a long time and required lots of patience in listening, recording and describing all the sounds they had to share.


We were very intrigued to read about the other schools and compare them to Galliard which has around the same population as the whole of Hailuoto island, Finland!


Here is the link to the mySounds pack including all the sounds the children recorded.

and here is a few selected to quickly listen to…

We didn’t have enough time to make a soundscape with all 28 sounds we recorded but here is a short but sweet composition entitled “The Extraordinary Tunnel”……..

more next Tuesday, May 1st



Ready for action in London!

Next week we begin a new City Rings project in London. We will be working with class 5W at Galliard Primary School, Enfield, London. Said hello briefly to the class today and also recorded the school bells. Yes, they have an ‘old-school’ school bell and a modern systematic version.