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Sound Postcards (3)

Finally, here there are the compositions. I’m sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy them.

Soundpostcardgrup1 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup2 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup3 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup4 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup5 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup6 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup7 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup8 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup9 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup10 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup11 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup12 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup13 by Serafin Alvarez


Sound Postcards (2)

Yesterday morning we did the compositions. Every team used the soundscapes they recorded during the week except two teams that didn’t do the homework, therefore each team shared one sound in a common folder and the teams without soundscapes used these sounds.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to finish so the students will finish tomorrow. I hope the compositions will be uploaded soon.
By this time the workshop will be finished, however we are going to do a public presentation of the project and the final compositions in the school in November.


Sound Postcards (1)

This morning we started the last exercise, the soundscape composition.

First of all we listen to our compositions (as the students work in teams they didn’t know what the rest of them have done). Moreover, we had a look at the blog summarizing what each school has been done until now.

Secondly, the students were split in small teams and they made a sort of storyboard (without drawings and scene by scene instead of shot by shot) in which they included what sounds they will record, the distance and position of the sound source relative to the recorder, how the transitions between scenes will be, how long each scene will be, etc. We decided they are going to make sound postcards about their everyday sound life, which will contain soundscapes from their house as well as from the school.

Finally, the students started the recordings. They recorded some sounds at school and they took the recorders home. The next day each team will make one composition so we will have fourteen sound postcards.

We don’t have sounds to post today but here there are some pictures.


iSounds (2)

Second day of The City Rings project in Spain. At the beginning of the workshop we did a listening: We listened to the sounds we recorded last week, the compositions that Belgian students did with those sounds and the sounds they recorded which we were going to use. We also tried to guess the sound source of some of these sounds. Furthermore, the students will write comments on the blog at their English class.

Later, the students were split in small teams and each team made one composition. The results are here. We hope you enjoy them.

*There is one composition missing because the exported file is wrong, I expect we can recover it next week at school.

Grup2 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup3 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup4 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup5 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup6 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup7 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup8 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup9 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup10 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup11 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup12 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup13 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup14 by Serafin Alvarez


iSounds (1)

First day at Oriol Martorell school. We started presenting the project and the first exercise, iSounds. After that, pupils experimented with their objects trying to obtain different sounds from them. At the end, the students listened to the recordings and selected one sound per object. You can listen to these sounds next.

We emphasised the autonomy of students when recording the sounds. Although that may lead to less quality recordings it gives them a good hands-on experience with the equipment that will be useful at latter stages of the project.

iSounds Spain by Serafin Alvarez