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The City Rings comes to Messac !


Messac  is a small town located in France (Brittany), 30 km south of Rennes. The river flows in the town.  So there is a small port and a railway station.

The town has two schools, private and our public school that is : “La Roche des Grées”, Les Grées is the name of a legendary menhir located in a small forest in the city.


There are 3 playgrounds, a kitchen garden; a motor room, a cafeteria and a nursery that also serves as a video room, a computer room and a small library.

We are very lucky !




Our class is a class cm1. We are 13 boys and 9 girls. There are Erwan, our teacher, and Laurence another teacher who comes to us the history and geography. Currently, we conduct sound experiences. In the classroom, there is a library space, a play area and a space with computers.


There is a good atmosphere in the classroom, we tutoring. There are also displays on the walls to help us, the class is large enough.

In kindergarten, there is a ring while in our school, we tape in the hands to announce the end of the class.








We did not ring the school so teachers clap their hands :

This is the tone of the kindergarten :


Welcome in Pacé (France)

Hello ! This is our school :


The hall


Our school is located in Pacé, in Ille-et-Vilaine. In the hall, we are in rank before going in one of the 9 classrooms. We are lucky, we have 4 playgrounds (one for the infant school and 3 for us). In each class, we have a IWB (Interactive WhiteBoard). In the school, there is a library called the “BCD”. At lunchtime, we eat in the canteen.


Our bell is short. You can listen it :




Our playground is original, everyone can access, at any time, because there is no portal.










Hello from Sint-Laurens School @ Sint-Kruis-Winkel!

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-04 om 22.50.40

Hello everyone!

This is a photo of the entrance of our School in a small village called Sint-Kruis-Winkel. It belongs to the Belgium province East-Flanders and it is located in the far north of the area of the city Ghent. Very close to the port of Ghent and the sea canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, which goes to The Netherlands.


The landscape is a kind of mix between rural fields, nature and industry. The town itself is very calm, but the industry and the motorway with a lot of trucks make a big contrast. We also have a lot of windmills. We have two school bells. A new one, which rings automatically and an old one which whe use when the other one is broken.

schoolbel old

schoolbel new

49th primary school of Athens, Greece

Hello Etoy, hello Ghent!!!
We are the children of the 49th primary school of Athens.

Athens is a big city with many inhabitants. It is the capital of Greece. Greece is a small country with a large history and lots of sun. It is situated in the south of Europe. Our school is close to the city centre, in the neighborhood of Keramikos. Our neighborhood is called this way because of the ancient potteries that produced ceramics a long long time ago in the area.

This is our school:


Below you can see our yard. It is small but colourful!
Now listen to how we sound like when we take our break at the yard:

This is our classroom’s door decorated with paper flowers:
We are in the fifth grade. Take a closer look at our door… “Fifth grade” is written on it, in Greek. As you can see, the Greek alphabet is different from yours. Which letters do we have in common?
We are a multicultural class!!! Eight of us are from Albania, three from Afghanistan, one from China and one from Greece. Let’s see if you can spot the countries we come from on the world map!
Finally, take a look at our bell:
Listen to it. Does it sound like yours?

We are very curious to learn things about you and to listen to your sounds!

Gems World Academy-Etoy, Switzerland

Here is the sound of our two school bells and playtime outside. What do you notice in the playground?

We had a to of fun finding the source of the school bell with Mr Bruno. How many students can you count in the playground?

IES Doctor Puigvert (Barcelona, Spain)

los mic 1 (Custom) (2)

Sons de Barcelona will participate along a class of fourteen students of around twelve years old, that belong to the first course of secondary education at the Doctor Puigvert school. The class is part of an “artist in residency” program named “creadors en residència”
The picture above is from when we visited “el Graner”, a place dedicated to performing arts, where we saw a work by Guillem and Jorge, also in the picture :)


Doctor Puigvert’s school bell sounds like this:

façana pati
The school is within the Sant Andreu district of the city of Barcelona, very near the metro stop “Torras i Bages”, write it down for if you want to come visit us ;)

pati institut

We are excited to participate in this edition of The City Rings. The class has already been introduced to sound recording with handheld recorders, and editing throug Audacity software.

See you in the blog!
Ecole Publique, Saint-Guinoux (France)
Our city is called Saint Guinoux. It is in Brittany in France, our department is Ille-et-Vilaine. The nearest big city is Saint-Malo and our zip code is 35430. Saint-Guinoux’s population is 914 persons.


Our school is in a small town called Saint Guinoux, in the countryside. We have six class-rooms from the “Toute petite section” to the CM2 (pupils are from two to eleven years old). There are eight very nice teachers.

We are going to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all day long from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM. And on Wednesday from 9 to 12 AM. Saturday and Sunday are days off!


Every Thursday, we used to have cake sales to pay our project, called Greedy Thursday!

our playground


our school

We are 26 pupils : 13 CE2 and 13 CM1. We are in between 8 and 9 years old. Our teacher calls Nathalie Le Dévéhat and she is really nice. With her, we study English and we have got a Teddy called Sheepy. It is a black and white sheep.


Our Teddy Sheepy

In our class-room, we have several special spaces: one for mathematics, for French and one for history… We also have the sweet-words-space, where we can draw or write nice words for anyone we want.

Our Team 2

Our class is cool!

A word about our bell, it’s an automatic but it’s broken, then our teacher announce the breaks by clapping hands.


Searching for the school bell at GEMS World Academy-Etoy

Welcome to grade 5 at our brand new school in Switzerland. We have only been open since September and usually we can see the high mountains over Lake Geneva, not today though, too foggy. We discovered that we have an electronic bell and set out to search for the source of this. Enrolling the assistance of our site manager, Mr Bruno, we journeyed to the basement of school where with numerous different keys and levels of security managed to access the source. We recorded our journey there incorporating the sound of the bell.

We remixed the layers into our first composition. One student noting it “sounds like we are in a departure lounge at an airport”.

Here’s the source of the bell with key master Mr Bruno

IMG_0941 IMG_0942


(Ik spreek het Nederlands als dat helpt een beetje:))

Welcome in France !!

Les CM1-CM2

Our school is situated in Britanny in Rennes. It’s in a district of the south of the city which is called « Le blosne ».



This year, our school was 40 years old, Our school contains 7 classes for 170 pupils without counting nursery schools.

We are a class of 26, your name is Thomas.

Dans notre classe

We have many activities in the class as the mosaic, the computing, the painting, the writing, maths … and even parachute!!!


We use a natural fertilizer to grow the vegetables of our garden.
Just behind our school, we have a park of 45000 m2 . There are games and we can see squirrels and birds around two big green spaces.

La cour de récréation

A word about our bell, it’s an automatic but it’s broken, then our teacher announce the breaks by clapping hands.

Notre sonnerie



Our school in Gualtar, Portugal




Our school in Gualtar is the Escola Basico EB2,3. Our class has 20 pupils of 8 – 9 years old.
Gualtar is a small town at the edge of high hills, the Minho area in North Portugal, close to Spain. Gualtar is a small town with 3.700 residents.


Gualtar view2


From our school windows we have a wonderful view on the town and the hills.


Have a look to our shiny school bell!
How would it sound?


School Bell Gualtar


This is how our school bell is waking us up in the morning!


‘De Regenboog’, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Brussels)


Hello everyone!
We are the kids from the 5th grade from a school called ‘De Regenboog’ in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, a town in the Western part of Brussels, Belgium.

klas vanessa

klas meriam

The neighbourhood where our school is located is a very lively and multicultural place, with lots of traffic, shops and a bit of industry. It really breaths the atmosphere of a big city suburb with also a lot of different languages vibrating through the streets. Most people speak French in this part of the country, but in our school the main language is Dutch. We don’t have an electrical school bell but a nice old fashioned one that you have to ring by hand. Actually we have two, the other one is used when we stay indoors and it rings with a fine bright ting!


schoolbel regenboog



klasbel regenboog





‘Ecole Olivier Métra’, Paris


This is Maddalen’s class ( CE2) at the Ecole Olivier Métra in the 19th arondissement in Paris. There are 300 pupils in the whole school which goes from CP (6-7year olds) to CM2 (11 year olds).
The school is near one of Paris’ most popular parks, the Butte de Chaumont, so it is a  ‘greener’ area of the city than some.
The class have been preparing for this project with their teacher, Maddalen who you can just about see on the left hand side of this photo.
Here is a recording of the playground, just before lunchtime, and the school bell :





Olivier Métra was a French composer and conductor, famous for his walses and polkas. What might he have thought of the City Rings?


‘Berlin Metropolitan school’, Berlin


Hello again! I will be doing TCR at Berlin Metropolitan school again (where I am also one of the Art teachers) I will be working with the students of grade 5B and also with the help of Co Curricula Educational Educator Vincent Heller who is 5B’s Class assistant. Berlin Metropolitan school is situated in Mitte. BMS is a growing international school with 48 different nationalities. There are 760 student in the whole school from Kindergarden to grade 10. The Primary school in an international baccalaureate accredited school that allows students to learn through a transdisciplinary and student lead inquiry based learning situation.
I am looking forward to hearing what sounds 5B’s ears catch and swapping some sounds with our partner school!!




The school Bell


bms bell photo


The sound of the bell



Escola Mediterrània, Barcelona, Spain


Mediterrània is a school at Barceloneta neighborhood in Barcelona; once a fisher’s town, now more tourist oriented.


The school is actually right next to Barceloneta beach. From its doors you can hear the seagulls, you can even smell the sea!  This days the school is decorated with cinema-related motifs.



This is, actually a temporary school that will stop being in use once the new school is built… its been a long wait, but coming to an end very soon.



We are doing the workshop with 4th grade class; look at them :) they chose to be photographed on the backyard, with the flowers…




And you can listen here to the music they use as school bell (we used SoundCloud for it is © music), and also some other sounds that will give you an idea of how is it to be here. Let’s go The City Rings!


Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães – Portugal



Our school is the Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães, a new school that opened in 2009 with ten class rooms, a garden, a covered patio, a theatre, multipurpose rooms and spaces for special activities. Our school has 232 pupils from 3 years old till 10 years old. The neighborhood of the school is the Lamaçaes parish, located at the border or the city of Braga in Portugal. The parish has a population of 2.525 inhabitants. It is a neighborhood with an old center looking over the hills and woods of the green Braga valley,   but also has a modern area with many shopping centers, new apartment blocks, playgrounds, public sport fields and squares with bars and restaurants.


And here is a photograph of our school bell.

And this is how it sounds. Enjoy!


De Piramide, Gent, Belgium

We are the kids from the 4th grade of a school called ‘De Piramide’ in Ghent, Belgium. Our school is located in the centre of Ghent, not in the very centre, but close to it. Our neighbourhood is called De Brugse Poort and it is a very nice multicultural place, just like our school.





A big part of our school has just been renovated and we are lucky to be in the
new part. Look, we even have a digital blackboard! That will be very useful when
we need to check the city rings blog.



We don’t have a schoolbell, but we do have a school gong. This is our teacher
Matthias hitting the gong. Have a listen too!







We are really looking forward to this project! Hear you all soon!




CEIP Can Cladellas, Palau Solità i Plegamans, Barcelona, Spain

Can Cladellas is a school at the town Palau Solità i Plegamans, near Barcelona. The school was inaugurated in 1984, hosted around 220 pupils from 4 to 14 years old, and was originally called “escola nova” (catalan for “new school”); until it received the name Can Cladellas from an old house which was well known and happened to had been very near.
The school is also right next to the bridge that crosses the town’s river (although it is not much of a river anymore) and at one point in the past the school suffered a flooding because of its vicinity with this bridge. After the flooding the bridge was reinforced and, soon afterwards the school was expanded with more spaces and better equipment.
This edition, we are working with some of the students from 6th grade. Please, take an ear at their school “bell”:

The Schillerschule Essen is online!

This is class 4b from the Schillerschule in Essen.

The school is situated in the northeast of the city centre. It is special in many ways, first in the building of the Schillerschule (named after the famouse german writer Friedrich Schiller) is another school. each of the schools have their separate exits and schoolyards. And on every side of the buildings are churches!! On the left there is the protestant Immanuel-Church and on the right side the catholic St. Elisabeth.
You can often hear the bells. Like last monday, when we took the picture of the class.

Another characteristic is the school bell, though the bell sound is nothing special, the breakfast break is: After the second lesson there is one bell signal for the break to start. It looks like this out on the schoolyard.

Then there is a 15 minute break just for breakfast, that means some of the children are sent to get the milk and fruits and they eat together in the classroom. Then there is another bell signal (if the caretaker doesn’t forget it, like he did when we wanted to record the bell) and after this signal there are another 20 minutes for the real break on the schoolyard. Here is what something like that is sounding like:

What the kids like about their school is the football playground, the dental visits (once a school year) called “Zahn-Mobil”, the swimming lessons, the subject of listening (like TCR) in their lessons, the colours in the schoolbuilding, and that they could participate in different projects when attending the full-time school.

IDES, Institut d’Education Sensorielle de Paris.

Hello everyone

These are the students in Groupe SP3 .



And here is a photo of the garden. The school is near the Paris observatory in the 14th arrondissement.


This is the sound of Henriette, the school bell, named by the nuns  many moons ago.  IDES has existed since 1857, and is still on the grounds of a convent.



And here is a picture

Looking forward to hearing from you !


Berlin Metropolitan School, Berlin, Germany



These are the students of 4b. The school is an international school located in Mitte, Berlin. I am 4b’s Art teacher who is participating in The City Rings project.


Here is a photo of the school bell.

And the sound…



La Poterie in Rennes, France


We are a class from a primary school of Rennes, France. The name of the school is «La Poterie». We are located in the south of Rennes near the subway station « La Poterie ».
We are a class of 29 students : 17 in grade 5 (CM2) and 12 in grade 4 (CM1).
We have two teachers : M. Perrussel during three days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and M. Pothier Friday because M. Perrussel is the director of the school.
There is 211 students in the school and we have a chinese section.
See you !


Here is a picture of our schoolbell, our playground and the class :




Klaverblad, Belgium


Het Klaverblad is a real small school in the city centre of Ghent. The 3th and 4th class of teacher Delphine are anxious allready to start this edition of City Rings. Here you can see the class and one of our schoolbells ( we also have a small portable one for pupils with a very selective hearing ).



La Binquenais, France


La Binquenais is a secondary school in Rennes city. We are located in a part of France named Brittany (or Little Britain) which is one of the six Celtic Nations.



Simon Tattevin (the teacher) and his class, 13 students (from various countries as Guinea, Turkey, Haiti…), are really looking forward to starting the project, make some noise and sound, and discover what you guys are doing at the same time.



We are just back from holidays!
Finally a picture and sound of our brand new electronic bell !



ESC Ausiàs March in Barcelona, Spain



Ausiàs March school was started the year 1983, and it is located in Les Corts district of Barcelona. For you, football fans, that is near the FCBarcelona Camp Nou stadium ;). Click here to see a video made during the school’s open doors day, and click here to visit the school’s website.


This November edition of The City Rings, we will work with Flora Terensi, music teacher, and the 6th grade class. This is a group of around 20 little boys and girls, say hi to them:



Flora tells us the group is very motivated, and interested in music and new technologies. She also tells us that, as in the rest of the school, there are people from many countries in the class: China, Pakistan, Philippines, a variety of South-American countries, aswell as children of catalan and spanish origin.


Here you can hear the school’s bell.



And here is collection of eight tuned bells that Flora uses at music class.



We are all eager for starting the workshop!



Stadspoortschool in Ghent, Belgium

The Stadspoortschool is a school with kindergarten, daycare and elementary school near the center of Ghent.
It’s situated just alongside the waterway called Coupure.
There are big renovation works going on throughout the whole school now,so this could cause interesting sounds !
In this City Rings project we’ll be working with 20 kids from the 6th grade. They’re waving at you right here :

In the Stadspoortschool there’s this bell with a nice horn, audible all over the city centre :


Hailuodon koulu or School of Hailuoto in Hailuoto, Finland


Hailuoto School is a primary and secondary school located on Hailuoto island in the Gulf of Bothnia, Finland. The population of the island is about 1000. In primary school we have 47 pupils and in secondary school 33 pupils. A ferry operates regularly between Hailuoto and the mainland. In winter an official ice road connects the island to the mainland. The atmosphere is really unique over here!


The school operates in a yard, where the oldest building dates back to 1911 and the newest to 1992. The buildings form a concept that combines the charm of old buildings of primary school and a library with a up-to-date sports hall. The secondary school building (built 1963) will be demolished during this year and a new school building will be built on the exact place.


In the City Rings project we have 17 pupils from 4th-6th grades.





The participation of Hailuoto School is produced by Hai Art.


Galliard Primary School, Enfield, London, UK
On 23rd April we began a new City Rings project in London! We will be working with class 5W at Galliard Primary School.



We said hello briefly to the class today and also recorded the school bells. Yes, they have an ‘old-school’ school bell and a modern systematic version.





Galliard Primary School is to the North of London in a suburban area, next to a big park. It’s a very big school with over 700 pupils! Children from 5W have been doing a listening project called Minute of Listening for the last 12 weeks, and are very excited about making and sharing some of their own recordings.

Colégio João Paulo II, Braga, Portugal

Colégio João Paulo II was founded in 2006 with the ambition of offering excellence and quality in education from nursery to secondary school.

The school is located in a quiet neighbourhood outside the centre, near the beautiful football stadium. There is no school bell, but the church bells next to the school ring every hour.

You can visit their website here:

The City Rings authors.