The City Rings

Part: About the schools

The layers of landscape

We are excited about this edition of The City Rings. Located between Lausanne and Geneva we overlook Lake Geneva. At this time of year there are many layers in the landscape that remind us of soundscapes within the changing seasons. We’ve just had snow in the mountains.
See what you think.

For this edition we have a mixed aged group of artists collaborating between two after school clubs namely Digital Photography and Radio club. We are between 9 and 13 years old.

Our bell is digital and very similar to our local supermarket announcement.


Taking photographs of sound…

For this edition of The City Rings we are inspired by the recent Mozilla festival and the words of sound artist Klasien van de Zandschulp, “All around us people take photographs and we don’t even notice, but when we make field recordings of sounds, some people think it odd?”
Our digital photography club exchanged their cameras and smartphones for sound recorders, capturing moments through audio. Following the recording they took a photograph that represented that moment. Can you match some of the sounds to the images?

Find the whole collection here

Many thanks go to Juan Felipe and Paul, our photography mentors who were openminded to capture visual images as sounds.


welcome in pacé



Gems World Academy-Etoy, Switzerland

Hello to Gent and Athens. We are an new international school located between Lausanne and Geneva with some beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the high mountains of the alps.
We opened in September last year and are steadily growing our communities. It’s our second time collaborating on TCR project. We are mixing things up a little here as we have students heading to the mountains on camp over the next two weeks. Compositions will be created by second grade students working with our digital photography club and radio club. They have been challenged with taking photographs with sound. To support them we are crowd sourcing sounds and field recordings from all members of our community. Introducing the project last week, students were asked the following questions: Can you watch a film without sound? Can you watch a film without images? Can you have music without music?
As a provocation we watched the City Rings Trailer without sound. Using sound objects around the school, students were encouraged to play a live accompaniment to TCR film trailer.

The two soundscapes capture the students playing sound objects ranging from an electric pencil sharpener, water from a tap, coins and blinds. We found the film focused our attention in locating a arrange of sounds and qualities of sounds.
We are located between a railway line and highway and have already noticed how difficult it is to hear let alone capture sounds of nature, so we will take a sound walk this week.

We journey into the basement to locate the source of the school bell tomorrow and record the playground.

We will listen to your bell tomorrow!


49th primary school of Athens, Greece

Hello Etoy, hello Ghent!!!
We are the children of the 49th primary school of Athens.

Athens is a big city with many inhabitants. It is the capital of Greece. Greece is a small country with a large history and lots of sun. It is situated in the south of Europe. Our school is close to the city centre, in the neighborhood of Keramikos. Our neighborhood is called this way because of the ancient potteries that produced ceramics a long long time ago in the area.

This is our school:


Below you can see our yard. It is small but colourful!
Now listen to how we sound like when we take our break at the yard:

This is our classroom’s door decorated with paper flowers:
We are in the fifth grade. Take a closer look at our door… “Fifth grade” is written on it, in Greek. As you can see, the Greek alphabet is different from yours. Which letters do we have in common?
We are a multicultural class!!! Eight of us are from Albania, three from Afghanistan, one from China and one from Greece. Let’s see if you can spot the countries we come from on the world map!
Finally, take a look at our bell:
Listen to it. Does it sound like yours?

We are very curious to learn things about you and to listen to your sounds!

Welcome in Saint-Guinoux

Our city is called Saint Guinoux. It is in Brittany in France, our department is IlleetVilaine. The nearest big city is Saint Malo and our zip code is 35430. Saint Guinoux’s population is 914 persons.


Our school is in a small town called Saint Guinoux, in the countryside. We have six class-rooms from the “Toute petite section” to the CM2 (pupils are from two to eleven years old). There are eight very nice teachers.

We are going to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all day long from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM. And on Wednesday from 9 to 12 AM. Saturday and Sunday are days off!


Every Thursday, we used to have cake sales to pay our project, called Greedy Thursday!

our playground


our school

We are 26 pupils : 13 CE2 and 13 CM1. We are in between 8 and 9 years old. Our teacher calls Nathalie Le Dévéhat and she is really nice. With her, we study English and we have got a Teddy called Sheepy. It is a black and white sheep.


Our Teddy Sheepy

In our class-room, we have several special spaces: one for mathematics, for French and one for history… We also have the sweet-words-space, where we can draw or write nice words for anyone we want.

Our Team 2

Our class is cool!

A word about our bell, it’s an automatic but it’s broken, then our teacher announce the breaks by clapping hands.



Regenboog is Ringing!


Hello everyone!
We are the kids from the 5th grade from a school called ‘De Regenboog’ in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, a town in the Western part of Brussels, Belgium. The neighbourhood where our school is located is a very lively and multicultural place, with lots of traffic, shops and a bit of industry. It really breaths the atmosphere of a big city suburb with also a lot of different languages vibrating through the streets. Most people speak French in this part of the country, but in our school the main language is Dutch. We don’t have an electrical school bell but a nice old fashioned one that you have to ring by hand. Actually we have two, the other one is used when we stay indoors and it rings with a fine bright ting!

schoolbel regenboog

klasbel regenboog


Our school in Gualtar, Portugal


Our school in Gualtar is the Escola Basico EB2,3. Our class has 20 pupils of 8 -9 years old.
Gualtar is a small town at the edge of high hills, the Minho area in North Portugal, close to Spain. Gualtar is a small town with 3.700 residents.


From our school windows we have a wonderful view on the town and the hills.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 17 19.21

Have a look to our shiny school bell! How would it sound?

School Bell Gualtar

This is how our school bell is waking us up in the morning!


Ecole Olivier Métra.









This is Maddalen’s class ( CE2) at the Ecole Olivier Métra in the 19th arondissement in Paris. There are 300 pupils in the whole school which goes from CP (6-7year olds) to CM2 (11 year olds).
The school is near one of Paris’ most popular parks, the Butte de Chaumont, so it is a  ‘greener’ area of the city than some.
The class have been preparing for this project with their teacher, Maddalen who you can just about see on the left hand side of this photo.
Here is a recording of the playground, just before lunchtime, and the school bell :



Olivier Métra was a French composer and conductor, famous for his walses and polkas. What might he have thought of the City Rings?


Berlin Metropolitan School

Hello again! I will be doing TCR at Berlin Metropolitan school again (where I am also one of the Art teachers) I will be working with the students of grade 5B and also with the help of Co Curricula Educational Educator Vincent Heller who is 5B’s Class assistant. Berlin Metropolitan school is situated in Mitte. BMS is a growing international school with 48 different nationalities. There are 760 student in the whole school from Kindergarden to grade 10. The Primary school in an international baccalaureate accredited school that allows students to learn through a transdisciplinary and student lead inquiry based learning situation.
I am looking forward to hearing what sounds 5B’s ears catch and swopping some sounds with our partner school!!
The school Bell
bms bell photo

The sound of the bell