The City Rings

Part: Portugal

A door, a fire, sanding wood and twenty sharpened ears in Portugal…

Soundscapes from Gualtar.

Can you guess which sound belong to which picture?
Descriptions of the sounds on Freesound.







More online!


Sonic mail from Lamaçaes!

Sonic postcards from all of us!!


Here are some of our first Sonic Postcards! Cover your ears, or just don´t!


Glasses for the ears… Listening with all our body around Lamaçaes.


Can you put glasses on your ears? Not like you do normally, but like trying to look with your ears? Are there things that don´t sound? Colors, air, light? Is there something you can´t describe with sound? Sound is in everything. Can you hear on the same manner as you are looking? From beneath, from above, from far, from close? Can you even go further an can you hear smells, flavors, touches? Maybe to feel, to smell, to taste can bring you close enough to things so you can hear them?


This is what we experimented a whole session around the school.
Making recordings means to walk slow, to be silent, to be patient and to use all your senses. It is trying to hear with your whole body, not only your ears.
We tried all to make a recording of three minutes. That only three minutes can last so long, nobody expected. This is called to perceive.


Five groups went on an exploration with a recorder as glasses, each following their own path and trying to see things they never saw before.



A Portuguese bridge of sound between Barcelona and Ghent


What if sound was like travelling? This question was the first on the morning of our second session. With closed eyes we listened to sounds of Barcelona and Ghent. The difference between the sounds was obvious. The sounds from Barcelona, rhythmical, extroverted, almost like little dances. The sounds from Ghent intimate, slower, like little dreams.


We chose each a sound from Barcelona and Ghent and imagined to begin a travel…


Writing down how our trip started was the first step. We imagined to hear rain, singing wires in wind, an old bike going uphill, a door that opened, a clock ticking…


We decided to chose six sounds as stones to build a bridge between Belgium and Spain.


We hope you enjoy our first try, a small travel between North and South.


First sounds of Lamaçaes – Portugal

First sounds from Portugal.

Amelie with forks

For the first session in Portugal the pupils waited captivated on how the school bells of Barcelona and Ghent would sound. All children wanted a  school bell as in Barcelona! Several children visited already the Spanish city and there was even a girl that visited Ghent. Ingredients of the sound cooking today were talks about sounds of the sea, the woods and mountains and how various places in Europe and as well in Brasil sound.

After a vivid talk we came finally to the objects and their stories. First the children wrote down the sounds of their objects.

amelie fork

Explanation about recorders and listening to their objects via headphones was the following step. The children experiences how you can use the recorder as an “earoscope”.

Then the recording sessions followed in a complete silence.

Geert recording

Time flew so fast that no time was left for creating an own soundscape.
But tomorrow there is another session.


Enjoy listening!




Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães – Portugal

Our school is the Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães, a new school that opened in 2009 with ten class rooms, a garden, a covered patio, a theatre, multipurpose rooms and spaces for special activities. Our school has 232 pupils from 3 years old till 10 years old. The neighborhood of the school is the Lamaçaes parish, located at the border or the city of Braga in Portugal. The parish has a population of 2.525 inhabitants. It is a neighborhood with an old center looking over the hills and woods of the green Braga valley,   but also has a modern area with many shopping centers, new apartment blocks, playgrounds, public sport fields and squares with bars and restaurants.

And here is a photograph of our school bell.

And this is how it sounds. Enjoy!


Time for sonic postcards!

The fourth session in Braga was very short, so we decided to do a collective postcard. It tries to give the idea of what a day at our school sounds like. We hope you can feel the different environments as you were here. Enjoy!


Sonic Snaps from Braga

The third session was really fun. We listened again to the mySounds from Uk and Finland and used words to describe them. We also thought of their possible use in a film, for example, where most sounds are not real. Then Bruno told us how to use the recorders and we split up in groups. We walked around the school gathering sounds in the corridors, kitchen, playground…

Next session: postcard!


Portuguese SoundScapes

The second session at Colégio João Paulo II allowed the pupils to show their creativity, producing some soundscapes with the sounds received from UK and Finland. The 5th grade played with UK sounds, while the 6th grade composed with the Finnish ones.

What do you think about the results?


Hello from Braga

Hello world!

Braga has just started its participation in the City Rings project. We are working with 5th grade and 6th grade pupils from Colégio João Paulo II. As this school doesn’t have a bell, we recorded the church bells right next to it.

Before starting to record “mySounds”, we saw a video about foley recording and discussed how some sounds create the illusion of coming from a totally different object than its real source. After this discussion, every pupil recorded a sound they loved. Here are some examples:

You can hear and download the whole “mySounds” pack here.

Then, we listened to all the sounds and tried to associate each one with different objects and meanings.
To end the session, we did a small SoundScape with the sounds they have recorded. The students decided the order of the sounds and whether to include them or not.