The City Rings

Sonic Postcards

Sonic Postcards are compositions made with sounds from a certain location. These sounds were recorded by pupils from the involved schools. During the sessions for The City Rings the kids are asked to think about how they experience their sonic environment (i.e.: city, village, countryside…) and how they would express this personal and subjective experience by means of an audio montage.

The entire workshop series consists of four big steps: mySounds, Soundscapes, Sonic Snaps and the Sonic Postcards. MySounds is an exploratory phase in which pupils are asked to make a sound in order to introduce themselves. These sounds are then recorded in order to be used by pupils from another school in another country to make a composition with them. Next up, pupils go on the road with a fieldrecorder and record sounds in their immediate surroundings. Eventually these sounds will serve as building blocks for a Sonic Postcard! Enjoy!