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Postcards from Mediterrània, Barceloneta!

Hello everyone!
Here we are editing the recordings we made at school, at home and around our neighborhood and turning them into compositions!
We hope you like our sonic postcards!
Greetings from Barceloneta!





What Barcelona did with the sounds she received from Ghent


This was the second session at Santa Anna school. We listened carefully to the sounds we got from De Wijze Boom and De Toverberg students. Obviously, first we tried to guess the source of each sound, but most of the times it was too hard to say! These sounds are really good. Sometimes we had to close our eyes to hear better.


As we went on, we also tried to describe what we heard and how we felt about it. You can describe a sound in many ways. Physically (as short, long, high or low pitched…), making a subjective assessment (as nice, unpleasant, funny, untidy…), or even trying to imagine a scenario for each sound (like…this sounds like washing the dishes, this sounds like a train coming or this sounds like a puppet show). We also paid some attention to how the sound “looks”. You can guess a lot from looking at a sound wave!

Afterwards we did a short explanation about how to work with Audacity -the program we use to edit- and we compared it to some sort of table, where you put some sounds, and then you can cut them, move them around, re-order them… whatever you want. Easy!

So, we decided to work on the composition alltogether. We discussed which sounds we wanted to add, where did we want them, how loud… and when students had different opinions they talked in order to decide if to proceed one way or another.



Finally, we also did some kind of experiment. We wanted to hear all the sounds we got from Belgium at the same time. The result? noisy, but good!




Sonic Snaps from Barcelona

So we’ve done our third session here at Ramon Berenguer IV school :) namely the Sonic Snaps session.

We started by listening to Soundscapes from Belgium, the ones we had at that moment, paying attention to its structure and dynamics, intensities, changes, repetitions, etc. Then we listened to our own, paying attention to this characteristics, and we particularly liked this one:

…listening closely we also arrived to the conclusion that most -but not all- of our compositions were quite chaotic and with a monotonous structure that could be improved paying attention to the volumes of sounds, the silences between sections, repetitions, etc. So we learned something here! ;) and we expect to be applying this to our Sonic Postcard exercise.

Then we listened to some of mySounds that were discarded, and why: low recording volume, recording stopped while the sound was still on, background noise etc. And tried to see how to improve the recording process and not commit the same mistakes. Furthermore, we explained again how to use the recorders which the class found redundant; but the teacher, this is me, thought was important ;) And we were ready to go around the school and record some sounds… I mean… Sonic Snaps! for the Sonic Postcard exercise next session.

We did not upload our Sonic Snaps, yet, for we didn’t have time to sort them and choose the ones we will use. Please be patient. But we did took some new photos, as we thought all your class photos were much better than ours and we were jealous, hehe (or “jeje” as we write in Spain). Here they go, enjoy and see you soon.