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Sonic Postcards from Ghent


We had the last 2 sessions here in Ghent. In the 4th session we learnt further tips & tricks of the editing software Vegas. We experimented with trimming, copying, manipulating and layering of sounds. Then everyone came up with some keywords and a sketch/drawing , as a ‘scenario’ for their personal postcard. This way everyone had a clear idea how their composition would develop over time , and which effect they wanted to have on the listener of the composition. While in the 4th session we only had time to do the basic outline of our arrangment, the last session left more time for refinements and further experimentation.

Mobi class composing

The last session we started by listening to some of the (unfinished) compositions. We discussed pros and cons and came up with ideas on how some compositions could be improved. Learnful for the makers to get ideas and feedback right away. This discussion led us to Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” : a set of published cards , with cryptic remarks that can be used to break a deadlock or dilemna situation , specific for music composition.

Below are some cards that were really useful for us , can you find which composition drew inspiration from which card ?

Honour thy error as a hidden intention
Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them
Repetition is a form of change
Give way to your worst impulse


Sonic Snaps from Ghent


Third session at Mobi and Wispelberg school in Ghent.
Today we focussed on listening and recording.
In pairs we went for a “soundwalk “ in and round the school.
First we started with listening only : the fact that you can hear your environment amplified and in so much detail is really intense and overwhelming . Never noticed before that our school & the city made so much sound !
The recorder seems to be both a microscope and a telescope :
we could hear very close sounds in detail, but we could also hear many distant, unrecognizable sounds.
We did a small repetition of the technical part of the recording process ( monitoring, checking input volumes,
checking for unwanted disturbing sounds etc,….. )
We found out that a microphone is an instrument in a way : by choosing position, by moving the mic, by hiding in f.e a tube, we can change and colour the sound .
After some recording exercices we went back to the class and listened closely to (y)our sounds. We listened to & discussed the UK/Spain sounds, and afterwards everyone came up with a list of sounds they definitely wanted to find and record properly for our Sonic Postcards .
See some pictures and listen to some of our SonicSnaps here :


Here we are…


Yes, some sound action from Mobi school in Ghent .
Here you can see a picture from our class:

Until now we recorded our own sounds and send them over to Barcelona, curious what you think of them!

Then we listened very closely to the Spanish sounds: they were very interesting, but it wasn’t easy to guess the source of them. But we thought it might be good, for composition purposes, not to know how the sounds were made. Anyway: here’s the composition we made with it. At the end we also listened to some Penzance sounds, and we liked them so much, that we also integrated 2 Penzance sounds in our composition. Sit back, listen and let us know what you think !

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mobi 4

The pupils of mobi, recorded there own sounds and made there own compositions about how they experience their city. Do you notice similarities or differences with your own town?

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mobi 3

Today we made some exercices on recording sounds and we wrote our personal script about what fascinates us about our city Ghent. During this week we are going to record all the sounds we need for the script and next week we are going to make a composition with it of one minute. Hope you’ll like it!

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We divided the mobi class in two groups and made a composition with the iSounds of the Oriol-Martorell school (Barcelona – Spain). We first listened to the sounds and we heard:
– turning with a neckless on a wooden table
– singing teakettle
– sharpening knives
The sounds were very nice and trilling, so we made two short compositions about “tension”.

This is how the first composition looks like on the computer.

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mobi 1

Our first introduction workshop in Ghent at Mobi. The group is mainly populated by boys (only one girl!) who study to become a truck driver.  Each student brought along a sound object (no voice, no musical instrument, no pre-recorded material, or ringtones). This sound object functions as a sort of “audio ID”. We recorded the sounds and evaluated the characteristics of this sound and the associations that come with it.

iSounds by Aifoon

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