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Sonic Postcards from Ghent


We had the last 2 sessions here in Ghent. In the 4th session we learnt further tips & tricks of the editing software Vegas. We experimented with trimming, copying, manipulating and layering of sounds. Then everyone came up with some keywords and a sketch/drawing , as a ‘scenario’ for their personal postcard. This way everyone had a clear idea how their composition would develop over time , and which effect they wanted to have on the listener of the composition. While in the 4th session we only had time to do the basic outline of our arrangment, the last session left more time for refinements and further experimentation.

Mobi class composing

The last session we started by listening to some of the (unfinished) compositions. We discussed pros and cons and came up with ideas on how some compositions could be improved. Learnful for the makers to get ideas and feedback right away. This discussion led us to Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” : a set of published cards , with cryptic remarks that can be used to break a deadlock or dilemna situation , specific for music composition.

Below are some cards that were really useful for us , can you find which composition drew inspiration from which card ?

Honour thy error as a hidden intention
Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them
Repetition is a form of change
Give way to your worst impulse


Sonic Snaps from Ghent


Third session at Mobi and Wispelberg school in Ghent.
Today we focussed on listening and recording.
In pairs we went for a “soundwalk “ in and round the school.
First we started with listening only : the fact that you can hear your environment amplified and in so much detail is really intense and overwhelming . Never noticed before that our school & the city made so much sound !
The recorder seems to be both a microscope and a telescope :
we could hear very close sounds in detail, but we could also hear many distant, unrecognizable sounds.
We did a small repetition of the technical part of the recording process ( monitoring, checking input volumes,
checking for unwanted disturbing sounds etc,….. )
We found out that a microphone is an instrument in a way : by choosing position, by moving the mic, by hiding in f.e a tube, we can change and colour the sound .
After some recording exercices we went back to the class and listened closely to (y)our sounds. We listened to & discussed the UK/Spain sounds, and afterwards everyone came up with a list of sounds they definitely wanted to find and record properly for our Sonic Postcards .
See some pictures and listen to some of our SonicSnaps here :


Wispelberg 5

Today we did a last excercise about the dynamics of a rather small city. We made a composition, not with the computer, but we recorded it real-time.


Wispelberg 4

The students of Wispelberg had the chance to record their sounds during the week and finished their city composition today. This is a personal “view” of the city by Emma, Alperen, Delphine, Kasper, Maya, Anaïs, Manon and Mira. Enjoy and feel free to comment!



Making preparations for the cityscape: scenario + recording technique. Check!
Now the students get a week time to record the sounds they need to “tell” their personal story.
Next week they’ll make their own composition. Exciting!



Session 2 for us , the Ghent2 group is a really small group ( 8 students ) which allows us to work really focussed and concentrated. We first investigated the Spanish sounds . Some sounds were reallyreally beautiful and (almost) impossible to guess ( maybe that’s why they’re so beautiful ?) Afterwards we started brainstorming and working on the composition. The 2 boys almost got blown away by all the ideas the girls had. Auditive Girl Power . The group decided to work with ‘tension’ as a focus. Sounds were chosen , organised , moved , copied , erased and so on with the composition above as a result.

Afterwards the group was really happy with the composition although they din’t think it was really ‘tension’, but more like ‘scary’ or something. According to them ‘tension’ & ‘scary’ is not the same thing. Tension is postponing , waiting for something ( scary ) to happen ( without it’s actually happening ). Their composition is scary because it’s not waiting for something to happen , it’s happening right there !  And who are we to deny that ?

Let us know what you think !



Day 1 of the project The city rings.  We recorded and evaluated sounds.  Afterwards we listened to the intro of a movie “Delicatessen” (Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

These are our iSounds