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Sint-Laurens is Ringing!


Hello everyone,

Today we had our first City Rings session. We checked out the other schools on the City Rings website and listened to their recordings. The schoolbell from Athens sounded almost the same as the one we have in Sint-Kruis-Winkel and the recording of their schoolyard sounded like a big swimming pool.


TCR SKW namen

We also enjoyed listening to the recordings from Etoy. Listening to the footsteps made us wonder what is going to happen as you can hear them walk through the building. So that was exiting to listen to. Off course we made some recordings too! Check them out!

buiten luisteren 1

bel kleur


We also made a first group composition with all our mySound recordings:


MySounds of Essen

Hello again from the Schillerschule.

Today we had a very exciting day, because we learnt that a school near Barcelona is our partnerschool and they have a basketball field!
But we began the session with showing our objects that we brought from home, we introduced ourselves telling why we choose this object, and what sound it could do. Then we made a little listening exercise to concentrate better on what we hear.
And then everyone from us 22 children recorded with a little help his object and the sound it made.

We learnt that to record objects we have to be very silent in the classroom, and that we have to announce our name and what we record before creating the noise.
We experienced that our own voice and the sound of the object sounds very differently when we record it, just as if we were holding our ear right next to the object.

And while we were recording and talking the time went by so fast we didn’t get to compose our first mysound-composition.
We are all very excited if the partnerschool will find out what we recorded? And what did they record?


Hello from Braga

Hello world!

Braga has just started its participation in the City Rings project. We are working with 5th grade and 6th grade pupils from Colégio João Paulo II. As this school doesn’t have a bell, we recorded the church bells right next to it.

Before starting to record “mySounds”, we saw a video about foley recording and discussed how some sounds create the illusion of coming from a totally different object than its real source. After this discussion, every pupil recorded a sound they loved. Here are some examples:

You can hear and download the whole “mySounds” pack here.

Then, we listened to all the sounds and tried to associate each one with different objects and meanings.
To end the session, we did a small SoundScape with the sounds they have recorded. The students decided the order of the sounds and whether to include them or not.