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Young composers crossing sonic borders.


Hello there,

Today we checked out the mySounds from the kids in Athens and Etoy. We had a lot of fun guessing, wondering and trying to figure out how their mySounds were made. But then we decided that telling a story about the sounds we listen to was much more interesting then cracking our brains on possible sound sources.

klas soundscape 4

So the sticky sound of a piece of tape became a plane crashing down, the scraping sound of a pencil sharp became an old truck trying to get it’s engine started and the soft sliding sound of a curtain reminded us of sad feelings and the silence of a funeral. But then the loud and high pitch sound of a flap which slowed down to the end in a more rumbling and rolling sound, made us think of a crazy ride in a roller coaster!

klas soundscape 3

In some of the recordings we also discovered voices and little percussive instruments. We experienced that listening to those sounds is different in a way, because you recognize the sound source more easily and then the magic is kind of broken. Still some of these where pretty cool recordings, so maybe you can discover them in the soundscapes that we made with the mySounds from Athens and Etoy!

klas soundscape 1

klas soundscape 5

klas soundscape 2


Sint-Laurens is Ringing!


Hello everyone,

Today we had our first City Rings session. We checked out the other schools on the City Rings website and listened to their recordings. The schoolbell from Athens sounded almost the same as the one we have in Sint-Kruis-Winkel and the recording of their schoolyard sounded like a big swimming pool.


TCR SKW namen

We also enjoyed listening to the recordings from Etoy. Listening to the footsteps made us wonder what is going to happen as you can hear them walk through the building. So that was exiting to listen to. Off course we made some recordings too! Check them out!

buiten luisteren 1

bel kleur


We also made a first group composition with all our mySound recordings: